Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daytime Diva-The Plum Edition

Greetings and Salutations , Air Kisses Muah Muah

I hope you all are feeling deliciously beautiful today. So you woke up this morning feeling like your usual glamourous self and you wanted to be low key but still give your spectators what they desire; to see your daily artistry in motion. So today we will be using products from the youngevity collection available for purchase on Youngevity Mineral Makeup (tip sign up for the discounts $10.00 life time membership) as well as Maybelline Blackest Forest Gel Eyeliner and Great Lash Mascara.

You can either do your foundation before or after eye shadow application, for those of you who are just starting out do your eyes first, especially when using loose pigments. If you make a mistake you can start over without having to reapply your foundation.
  • To start apply Somerset (eye shadow) over entire lid stopping short of your crease.
  • Apply Cranston (eye shadow) from outer crease to the middle of your lid , this color should stop right in the middle of your iris. You can take the Cranston little past your crease.
  • Take your eyeshadow brush dip in Concord (eye shadow) holding it at an angle sweep it from the outer corners to right before you cover up the Cranston.
  • Blend to erase harsh lines.
  • Line bottom lid with Maybellines Blackest Forest gel eyeliner, I use a smudge brush to get that thick and smooth line.
  • Go over your inner crease bottom lid with a touch of blissful (blush) for a little extra pow.
  • A light dusting of Blissful blush to your cheek bones. Smile big and color the apples of your cheeks, be sure to tap the excess off your brush you want a hint of color only.
  • Apply Foundation, clear lip gloss, mascara, grab your purse, pumps and hit the door!
  • I used an eye brow powder and wax today but Piza eye shadow from the Youngevity line is great as well.
Normally I line the top lid as close to my eyelashes but for today I went without. If you hold your eyeshadow brush diagonal from the end of your eyebrow to the corner of your eye this is where your eye shadow should never go past unless you are doing something Avant-Garde make-up.

Clap, Clap, Twist, Twist Bravo Daytime Diva pretty in plum is ready to rock the road!!

xoxo Ms. MakeUPretty  Have a Fab, Flawless and Pretty day ciao.
Remember the real beauty is within and our make-up is just a reflection of that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This season it is all about the smokey eye revamped!

Beauties air kisses muah muah!!

This season it is all about the smokey eye with forest greens and plums. Remember ladies if you are going for a smokey eye with a powerful statement a nude lips is best or even a clear lipgloss but not to much. First start with a light high lighter shadow directly under your brows for contrast. For this particular look I used a cream eye shadow in the Revlon precious metals collection to high light under the brow in the darkest bronze. Build your smokey eye from the inside corners and up to the crease of your lid. From the same precious metals collection I used the lightest gold in my eye lid creases and brought it down just a touch to give that matte green from the 88 palette some glimmer and shine.   I add a touch of brown on the outer portions of my lid also from the 88 palette and bring in slightly toward the middle of my lid, being sure to blend in any harsh seperating lines. Lastly take your eyeshadow brush dipped in your green and line the bottom of your lid.

Clap, Clap, Twist, Twist bravo you have just finished your green smokey eye.