Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conceal, Conceal Those Pesky Little Marks

If you have skin like me than sometimes you might want to use a concealer depending on the occasion. My foundation has great buildable coverage so I fore go it most times. But if you prefer a concealer here are some tips. (For foundation and Creamy Concealers visit click on mineral make u)

Step 1
Dot the areas where you want coverage with product.

Step 2
With a finger, sponge or concealer brush, tap gently over the area with a back and forth motion. I prefer a concealer brush. The ones from E.L.F are superb and at just a Buck you can not go wrong. (These brushes also double as eye shadow brushes for high definition looks with multiple colors.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Never let your concealer show through your foundation. The key to most beauty techniques is blending. Here are a few more tricks
  • Don't try to match your skin color; always go one shade lighter. The point is to lighten the dark marks. Depending on the darkness of the area going a shade or two lighter is best.
  • Choose a concealer based on the type of imperfection you want to cover and the level of coverage you want.
  • Warm the product up on the back of your hand before applying. I scrape some into my hand and rub it around either between my clean fingers or with my concealer brush This makes it easier to spread and prevents it from going on  so thick and cakey.
Have a fab day and remember the beauty on the inside far outweighs the beauty on the outside.

xoxo Ms MakeUpretty