Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Can not live without....

****Greetings and Salutations Beauties, Air Kisses****

This is my absolute must have list:

          If you have very sensitive skin like I do you will love this kit. The scent is light and natural smelling, it  smells like fresh lemons but without the overwhelming smell. The creams are very moisturizing.
        I have been using this regularly and it has improved the texture of my skin, I can only imagine the improvement further down the line. This acts kind of like a primer your make up adheres to it and you do not get the cake lines when using with mineral makeup.
Mineral foundation has to be my absolute fav, it's light, it doesn't cake, I can layer on as much coverage as I want, and it photos fabulously!
  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner in Blackest Forest
I find gel eyeliners to be very smooth and I like how you you can increase the thickness by using different brushes. Gel eyeliners are great for all day because they last all day without the need for reapplying with the exception if you have a teary water line like myself so my inner corners tend to need just a dab  more of product by the end of the day.
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
I discovered this product watching some tutorials and it makes colors POP! it is a jumbo white pencil that you layer on over your primer or without. I recommend on top your primer after it has dried. I first tried this under a dark green and yellow from my 88 palette. The difference was immediate  especially with a darker skin tone under the yellow. This product is fairly cheap and can be found at beauty supply stores and online on a NYX site.
         Summer brights! These colors are truly like an HD tv BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!

  • My 88 Palette
       So many colors to choose from and worth the $20.00.

  • Lorac Box Office Sensation
         I love the golds in this collection, they are so shimmery and pretty and has 36 eye shadows.

  • MAC's Pincurl, Hauting, and Submarine Eye Shadows
           These colors are so pretty and over the NYX jumbo milk pencil the colors not only pop but take on an almost airbrush look.

  • MAC's Lipglass in Ol! Ol! Ol! 
A pink color I like to lightly dab and layer with clear lipgloss for a nice natural pink looking alip

(The eye shadows are a lot brighter than the pics depict, I will take some of my own shots and post later)

Lorac's Box Office Sensation


I use my all natural mineral make up from Youngevity more because I have had problem skin, but every once in awhile I like to go extra bold.
All Youngevity products can be purchased at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trend Alerts

Fall Trend Alert
  • Darkened Eyebrows with a Nude face
  • Crimson Red Lips with A Nude face no mascara, no eyeliner your lips are to be the star of your face!
  • Brightened eyes: Add glitter silver eye shadow in the inner corners try Silverado from Youngevity|Eyes (even add to an otherwise smokey eye)
  • Green Smokey Eyes, Plum Smokey Eyes
  • Winged out eye liner (the cat look meow, the bigger the cat the better!)
  • Big Bold eyebrows are backkkkk
  • Deep Purple, Maroon lipsticks, Spikey Mascara-GOOOOO
  • Metallics channel your rockstar, Black cream eyeshadow, Layer green and dark blues, add sparkle to lower lids
  • Go Black, Go Blue on the eyes Go Light Peach Lipstick on the lips try Nars ( I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know how I like it) (look brought to you by ELLE Magazine)
Your face should be luminous, fresh,  and glowing, this season. Some of us do not follow the trends so follow your style, follow your heart, most importantly follow your inner beauty because without the inner the outside is an empty showcase.
Whatever your style do it BIG, do it BOLD, OWN IT!

Have a Beautiful, Fab & Flawless Day

Skincare Regimen

Good Day Air Kisses Air Kisses,

How are you lovely people doing today, in my Wendy Williams voice??? Today I decided to let you beautiful people know my favs, my can't live with outs for skin care.

              Skin Care:
 I wash my face with Youngevity Botanical Spa Exfoliating Gel Cleanser, followed by Youngevity Citrus Facial Toner. In the mornings I use the line's morning hydration cream and at night the restorative moisturizer. This kit is well worth the money and if you have trouble skin and have tried all of the harsh chemicals give this kit a try. I kid you not it smells like fresh lemons but is not over bearing. Before I put on my make up I use Youngevity's Nu  C Waterless Vitamin C.  This stuff right here is how I describe to my clients as liquid cashmere, the texture is so soft and will have you asking whose skin is this! You will absolutely love! This product is great for reducing visible signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, it is the base to creating the perfect canvas for your mineral make up. A definite must have. Which reminds me I need to order some more, running out is NOT an option.

My foundation is from the Youngevity line. It took me so long to find a foundation that did not irritate my skin, and it actually helped my complexion and is not heavy and does not cake up. No talcs, bismuth or harsh preservative chemicals. You can build coverage, a few swipes with my kabuki brush and I am out the door. I have unfortunately dealt with adult acne for the past few years and I have tried EVERYTHING, my doctor says I am keloid and it is why my acne leaves scars. So what was a girl to do? Well I started a skin care regimen with Youngevity's Botanical Spa Collection, now my acne is under control,(with the exception of those monthly hormonal break outs), the actual foundation has helped fade my smaller scars and my face and complexion looks much better, is brighter and is clearer than it has been in years.

Visit the link below to view mineral make up shades. I personally use Exquisite. In the market for a new, light weight, photo finish make up order a sample tower to match your shade. Sign up for the discounts and you can even set up deliveries of your favs on auto ship. Order when you want to and not a moment before, there are no obligations to keep buying.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perfect Pouters for Fall and still Glowing.

It's Fall and its time for those mid day errands. A diva never leaves the house without looking fab, flawless and fresh faced! To early for a smokey eye (never really but you know) after applying your foundation, lightly dust back and forth over your forehead with a bronzer a shade darker than your complexion, taking it around the perimeters of your face and your jaw bone and on those amazing cheeks! You are not trying to match that summer tan from lying on the beaches of Miami or whereever you were lucky to visit to catch some vitamin D but you want that suttle glow. Just mascaro on the eyes. For a pop of color add a little blush over your bronzer on your cheeks in a muave color. So we are supposed to be talking bout lips right?! I'm getting to it, divas a muave colored, pink color ( in darker shades) for the lips, you want your lips to be the statement of your face. Try a little matte eye shadow with a very light touch of clear lip gloss.

Clap, Clap, Twist, Twist your pouty pucker is done, your glowing and your attitude Ready to rock the road!!

Pucker up someone is bound to want to kiss you till its gone.

Air Kisses, Air Kisses Muah