Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It has been a minute-Recap Journey to Diamonds

I know it has been a minute. I started working on a post about some of my  wish list goodies and some of it was discontinued :( . Anywho last weekend I had a chance to train and fellowship with some dynamic ladies from New York, South Carolina, DC, and Virginia. We demonstrated facials, skincare, and make up matching and application.

The ladies absolutely loved it and we had a photographer take headshots. Honey we had us a great time in Baltimore at our Journey to Diamonds. Thank you again ladies for being the latest canvas for my brushstroke.

Pictures to come.

TIP: The right color for your skin complexion should absolutely melt into your face. If you see a difference in shade try another color. The end result should be flawless application!

As always my beauties Left Cheek, Right Cheek Two snaps and a Kiss Ciao xoxo Ms.MUP!