Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Color me out this funk!

Greeting Beauties,

So I have been in a funk for the past month, not doing my hair, eyebrows just looking atrocious. I tried to revamp the blog and nothing. So I got my eyebrows threaded (which I have been practicing on myself, as soon as I get a willing participant I will blog about that but I digress lol) threw a weave in my head, put on a dress, some pink and white rhinestone earrings and a HUGE pink ring from mypinklush.com check them out I love their stuff and decided to waltz my tail to work and put on a happy face!

So on a road to being a better me and feeling better I decided that I am going to go do all of the make up things that I am scared of like lip color. OMG lip color just does not seem to work for me but what do I have to loose by trying. Eyebrow filling in used to scare me, then blending so now upward and onward to luscious puckers dipped in color.

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday xoxo

Ciao snap snap beauty

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